Ohri’s Uppu…


I have always been a Foodie since my birth, courtesy to my Mom who cooks delicious food (just like other Mom’s) and my Dad who always ensured that no vegetarian Restaurant stays unvisited in Hyderabad. Those were the days when my father was not tech-friendly but still somehow managed to take us to every new Hotel. Eating out in the earlier years was limited to North-Indian and Chaats. There were not much vegetarian options in International cuisines

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Fusion 9

If you can hear *Drumrolls* and see *Confetti*, it’s no surprise because this is my 100th Restaurant Review. So, here I am, presenting you my experience at F9 – Test Kitchen, the neoteric lifestyle experience curated by same set of culinary artists who had brought Global Cuisine to Hyderabad under their iconic flagship property – Fusion 9

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When it comes to dining out or eating in, variety is the spice of life, and there’s plenty of spice in this tiny little corner of the Internet! If you’re looking for pics and reviews of the finest culinary experiences in Vegetarian cuisine, you’ve come to the right place!


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