Food Review

My Story

It all started one night when I accompanied my colleagues to a dark and dingy “Lounge & Bar” that served alcohol. These rustic bars were infamously known as budget “Pubs” often visited by the corporate software warriors of Hyderabad. This first visit triggered in me a lot of thoughts and of writing a Review. Although the experience was mostly disappointing, it had begun my long journey in reviewing and writing. Be it at a fine dine or street food, after having reviewed over a hundred places, Veg Chronicles was born.

My View

When talking about food, perspective matters, and I intend to provide a very detailed and thorough Chronicle of all my thoughts when visiting a place, from the ambiance and aromas, garnish and panache, culminating at the helm of a fantastic food experience. Granted, not all experiences reach such heights, fear not, those are Chronicled as well. The reviews that you read today are less of a “review” and more of a report, taking you on a journey that lets you hop into my shoes, and witness the magic of experiencing new cuisine. Who knows, perhaps I’ll save you the trouble of having a not-so-great meal, or, ideally, indulge in the best Vegetarian food that will leave you craving for more!

Something not right?

By no means do I claim my experiences to be the be-all-end-all gospel that define a place, A great meal depends on a wide host of factors coming together such as the right time, the Chef being in a good mood, the food cooking well, the mood for that particular cuisine being right, amongst others. If for any reason I was at your eatery and found an experience to be not satisfactory, or if you the Reader disagree with something I wrote and had a completely different experience,  contact me and I’ll try to revisit and re-look at it to see if whatever went wrong can be righted. At the end of the day, we’re here to have great food and a good time!


What Next?

Like what you see and read? Talk to me! Good or bad, compliment or criticism, let me know what you think. Your feedback matters!

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