Amadora Gourmet Ice Cream & Sorbet


 Eat local, Eat Fresh is what the mantra of Amadora which when translated from Spanish means “gift of love”. Capturing a sizeable amount of share in the premium segment of desserts, this Chennai based outlet is opened up few months ago here in Hyderabad at Film Nagar.

The story behind Amadora is quite interesting. Deepak Suresh, the owner who is an Engineer by profession was in Madrid and one fine day enjoying over wine and food made him to change his perception towards F&B industry. The eureka moment for him was while watching a food show in TV, and that’s when the idea of making Ice creams stuck to his mind. While making us taste the uber cool and gourmet ice creams and sorbets, he said that creating ice-creams is all about process, process and process just like engineering.

The pricing is definitely on the higher side and that attributes to the ingredients that are outsourced from across India. For instance, vanilla beans priced at Rs 24,000 a kg is obtained from Pollachi and Peanut Butter from Kottayam, while fresh fruits are sourced from finest local vendors and they don’t add any artificial flavor, color or essence.

He believes that great ingredients make a great product and when I tasted their offerings I couldn’t agree more. All the flavors available at the stores are made from scratch and with great imagination. The texture and taste particularly of Rocky Road, Peanut Butter Fudge, and 5 Bean Vanilla would leave you to reminiscence the great experiences of your life.

Out of the 5 Chocobars, I got to savor Chocolate Caramel which was the best gourmet experience I had on a stick. It was handmade and encased in Belgian Callebaut chocolate with a center fill of caramel.

“A Cup” filled with Ganache and topped with almond toffee bits and sticky caramel sauce was literally growing on me with every spoon leaving a lingering velvety taste, so dense and slightly bitter making me to realize what actually gourmet experience is all about.

Milkshake blended with Mami’s Filter Coffee rendered a concoction with a kick of bitter taste pleasant enough to refresh your tired soul. The only drawback to it was its steep pricing of Rs 300 though I couldn’t finish the entire serving by myself.

It’s not limited to Gelatos and Sorbets as there are plenty of cake options too which my friends found out to be decadent, gooey and indulgent. My only complaint to Deepak Suresh was for not experimenting with an eggless recipe for his cakes which he promised me to create one in near future. Even the waffle cones contains egg, so pure vegetarians do watch out. 

On a whole, Amadora does offers quite a brilliant flavors which justifies the price tag of Rs 150 for a regular scoop and Rs 220 for a large which I assume is sufficient enough for two. Reserve this place for your special occasion and you won’t regret splurging your hard-earned money over this sinful desserts.

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