Balaji Kailash Restaurant & Banquet

Me Lokender Jain

The old city of Hyderabad apart from monumental structures, narrow lanes and shopping market (where your negotiations skills are put to test) are also famous for the economic food options that it offers. While for the non-vegetarians, lays a number of Biryani and Kebab outlets, vegetarians find respite in the Idli-Dosas, Chat’s bandi’s and shops for a quick bite. Or, the Dhabha’s serving a full fledged menu where one can eat to heart’s content without feeling the pinch on the pocket. There are few Legendary places and then few whose initial success got them to open up multiple branches across the length and breadth of the city, making North Indian fare quite accessible to apna Hyderabadi crowd.

Being a successful caterer, prominent in Marwadi and Agarwal communities, Kailash Dhaba happens to be once a kitchen open to only their close circuit of family and friends. The founder had a penchant for experimenting with recipes and treating everyone with love and exceptional food. The food gained immense popularity that it was difficult to host the excessive crowd and their unending requests. So going by everyone’s opinion and demand, Kailash Dhaba was found and soon it even branched out to 3 different locations.

The menu what you will find at this place is no different from the regular Dhabha’s that you might have visited so far. But what difference you will find is that all the dishes are void of Ajinomoto, additives, colors and the extra oil floating around your favorite curries. Infact the usage of corn flour is limited to wherever required.

Manchow Soup was surprisingly not a premix based and had a thick body with veggies and hot-spicy flavours. Vegetable Manchuria though not an exceptional one, got it’s balance right between the crunchy exteriors and softness from within. Hakka Paneer, a preparation in Chinese sauces topped with fried papad blended a great texture and taste. Must try.

Paneer Lababdar, a rich, creamy tomato gravy doused with smokiness was something for which I would go again and again to this place. The cheese dressing further balanced out the earthy taste. Veg Kadai was a delicious rendition of fresh veggies sautéed with desi masala and spices brushed with little gravy. The crunchy vegetables pickled exceptionally well with the spices to render a rustic flavor.

To accompany the Jeera Rice which was little disappointing, came the mildly spiced and well tempered Dal Fry. Suggestions to throw in few Cashew and fried curry leaves to elevate the flavors of Rice were accepted by the Chef and the owners, hope they implement it too. This is one such place where the clienteles doesn’t eat any dessert and I feel it’s ok for the Management to not to take much efforts to have Desserts as part of their menu.

This one, quite hidden in the area of Abids in the lane of ISCKON temple is definitely a good option to satiate your Punjabi/North Indian fare cravings. Almost 10% difference in the pricing which is still economical for their ambience and food.

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