Behrouz Biryani

Behrouz Biryani

The other day I was sent a packet of Paneer Biryani from Behrouz folks within minutes of my confirmation, neatly packed in superior quality, nature-friendly box. The package contained decent quantity of Biryani for two, a little less Raita and a moderately sized Gulab Jamoon.

In my maiden try the Subz-e-Falafel biryani received good remarks in terms of flavor profile. I was impressed with its taste even though the falafel was extremely dry and hard. Being a vegetarian, the love for paneer is natural. Anything and everything with Paneer, highlights the taste and anticipating my belief, I agreed to try their Zaikedar Paneer Biryani.

The smell that was wafting out from the box while I was unpacking had already won over my other senses. As I made a mound of rice on my plate, the texture and look of the marinated vegetables showcased the freshness and quality of ingredients. I am not too sure but I think the Biryani was perfumed with Kewra which gave a unique and distinguishing aroma to it. Also, it was sweet-spiced laced with plenty of spices and fried onions. 

The downside was the Paneer which was bit hard, half marinated, lacking the expected taste and texture. Keeping this aside, still it tasted delicious. They should certainly re-look the way Paneer is being marinated and used in the Biryani.

The accompanied raita, thick and intensely flavored with mint was good but toning down the mint flavor a bit would only make it even more better. Also, the quantity was less in contrast to the amount of Biryani.

There is something distinctive in Biryani which makes it a popular dish among masses alike. I am no different. Like others, I love eating rice only in the form of Biryani or Mixed Sambar-Rice (Bisebelle Bath kind off). In a state dominated with Biryani outlets than anything else, Behrouz did a decent job. However, the majority here that are used to the spicy versions should for once open themselves to trying out other types of Biryani as well.

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