Dialogue in the Dark

 It’s not every day that you get an invite for a Restaurant which gives your food journey a breath of fresh air, resulting in a life-changing experience. Dialogue in the Dark is more than just a Restaurant to feed your body but it is to awaken your remaining senses. Have you ever thought what does it look like through a blind persons’ eyes? Welcome to Dialogue in the Dark, a place where sighted become blind and blind become sighted.

Push yourself out of your comfort zone and imagine a world without sight where the blind persons guide you in a pitch dark environment. Sounds bizarre right? At the end of the show, we realize that we are so much dependent upon our sense of sight that we do not optimally use our other senses. You would come to know as you read my review further.

Nasir – a visually impaired but extremely impressive personality was our Guide for the day. A stick was handed over to us and we entered into the dark room holding each other. Within few seconds, the light was completely cut off and here we were into total darkness where it didn’t matter to keep our eyes open or close. We were asked to walk in the direction of Nasir’s voice and thus begun our journey where we were taken to a Park via Bridge. Like others, I was scared and nervous too. But Nasir was too kind and took immense care of us. The shaking bridge was enough to make me empathize with sight-impaired person. With the help of stick and sense of touch, we identified the chair to sit in the Park. Settling after a while my body was slowly coming to terms of the environment and I could hear birds chirping. I felt I am sitting at the base of a waterfall hearing to the relaxing sounds. Though I couldn’t see anything but with sense of SOUND I could enjoy the beauty of nature.

Moving ahead, we were given a set of Vegetables, Spices, Fruits, etc. to be identified putting our sense of TOUCH and SMELL to test. Barring a few, it was quite possible to name the items by analyzing the texture and odor. Before taking us to Café, we were made to play Cricket. Yes, you hear it right. By now, somehow I was comfortable with the direction of sound and striking the ball with the bat turned to be an entertaining affair. These exercises exhibited that how we are always relying on eyesight without appreciating the potential of other senses.

Finally, it was the time for the most awaited part of our journey. We were served with four different combos – Oriental, Desi, Italian and Paratha meal. Most of the negative reviews that I have read so far is pertaining to bad food. We were informed that they have changed their Menu and the entire Kitchen Team. I believe they certainly did that because each and every combo was highly delicious and scrumptious in every bite. My personal favorite were Oriental and Parathas. Cutlery, water bottle, finger bowl and desserts, all were in place with absolutely no room for any service goof-ups. We ended our meal with a heart-touching discussion with Nasir about his earlier life and how he could manage these difficult tasks with such an ease.

Through the same door, we were let out. It did took certain seconds for our eyes to be comfortable in light. All the time inside the DiD, we were eager to meet the Heroes who man this place and when we did we were speechless and our respect towards them (and also to the entire team behind it) rose to a paramount level.

Being an excessively emotional person I was on the verge of crying. When we saw each other and looked into the eyes, they were not only moist but spoke of our experiences which is just not possible to express verbally. Each one of us was sad but trying to cheer up in some or the other way.

Every day I receive couple of calls and numerous messages asking for dine out suggestions. And from today I am making a point to recommend this place to anyone who looks upon my opinion. Whoever is reading this review, my humble request to you is to please visit this place. When you do, please drop me a message and I shall be more than glad to discuss your experience.

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