Dirty Martini-Kitchen and Cocktail Lounge

The rooftop Cafe and Bars have created ripples in the food and partying scene of Hyderabad. Dirty Martini is one among those who offers a surreal view of the city. Come pleasant weather and the gentle breeze caresses your face while you sip on your favourite Cocktail/Mocktail accompanied by mouth-watering finger food. Well this is not what you read in novel, but in real life which you can experience at Dirty Martini.

The Host and God should forgive me for the sin I committed of reaching the place around 7 pm missing the calming yellow, red, orange tones of the sky. While I was brooding over, the bartender in no time presented me with an array of Mocktails. Guavatini, an excellent preparation spiked with Indian masalas was sufficient to quickly set my mood on. Another Mocktail, Barman’s special was a motley of global flavours, right from Khus to Cucumber and Mint to Pineapple.

Parmesan Lotus Stem, vertically cut into thin strips and served with Trio Asian Sauce was regal and indulgent.

Veg Eclaire Kebab stuffed with cheese and vegetables had that crunch but how I wish they were less oily. The charred texture of Pahadi Paneer Tikka was appealing, fiery and powerful in flavours but not for the mild palates.

The most exciting dish was the Vol-Au-Vent cups that had the finest cheesy toppings on a flaky puff pastry. Must try!

The toppings on the thin crust were fresh, crunchy, roasted to perfection. Though the veggies were sufficient for every bite, but a bit more of them on the Oriental Rally Pizza would take it to next level, my personal suggestion. Finished the meal with Burnt Garlic Fried Rice gorgeously paired with Exotic Veg in Parsley Sauce. The fried garlic bits accentuated the taste and how!

The menu is comprehensive, International cuisine integrated with Indian, so there is Risotto and there is Pulao and so Paneer Butter Masala and Thai Red Curry as well. We restricted it to finger foods for the interest of people, timing and weather.

Nobody looks out for Dessert option but when there are Churros and Osmania Biscuit flavoured ice-cream, it’s hard to let go your inhibitions. We were stuffed to brim and hence had to skip even after numerous request from the Host.

When was the last time you watched the sun go down? While you can’t travel to serene locations to experience a sunset, traveling here and spending some time during early evenings would not be a bad idea. The live singers and DJs takes over the stage pretty early and you can finish you evening on rather high notes.

Would hit this place back to try out Indian Mains because nothing like Hot Dal Khichidi with a blob of desi ghee on a wintery evening.

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