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If you can hear *Drumrolls* and see *Confetti*, it’s no surprise because this is my 100th Restaurant Review. So, here I am, presenting you my experience at F9 – Test Kitchen, the neoteric lifestyle experience curated by same set of culinary artists who had brought Global Cuisine to Hyderabad under their iconic flagship property – Fusion 9

Back in the year 2002, the diners gathered to their offerings, further encouraging them to introduce “Sunday Brunch” which is still one of the most popular and sought-after option.

Having traveling around various food destinations, Mr. Shankar Krishnamurthy came up with an eclectic and exciting menu ranging multiple cuisines. Ms. Maya, her wife, spun magic to the ambience of the Restaurant, setting it up to one-of-its-kind using natural and subtle textures.

Since then, the food scene has progressed rapidly over the years and Fusion Hospitality group have been an integral part of the dimensional change. Fast forward to 2017, over 15 years of their existence we saw them growing from Fusion 9, Deli 9 (a modern Café selling out delicatessens), Voila F9 Gourmet (a team of F&B honchos catering to Corporates, Concerts and Conferences), F9 Test Kitchen and how!

To create a memorable experience that has been inspired by the Chefs community, F9 – Test Kitchen is a humble attempt of thanking their Patrons. Located in the laps of Road No. 45, Jubilee Hills, this is a 2 storey property build amidst the rocks and designed to deliver unique experiences.

The ground floor is a state-of-the-art Kitchen where for the culinary artist in you, awaits their cooking workshop. Ideal for Kitty Parties, Team Building Activities, and Celebrations as the Chefs do not shy away from sharing the secrets behind recipes. Not only you get hands-on experience on the gourmet lessons, you get to eat your own creations.

The floor above the Kitchen is a dining setup which is as sophisticated as it gets. The menu is a repertoire of fusion Global Cuisine that has been re-engineered for smart dining. The relevant and contemporary dishes are plated as work of arts to entice the eyes and appetite. Do check my photos.

Started off the journey with Multigrain Bread served as amuse bouche. It was golden crust, hearty texture with a light, airy inside. Accompanied by butter nicely rolled in a waxed paper which had their branding.

Burrata served with delicate but crunchy salad leaves was my opening course, and the aroma of cheese and cream was redolent of everything that is fresh. Once you try the creamy, utterly delicious Burrata you will understand why it is regarded as the King of Italian Cheeses. The Chaat Tacos had a filling of avocado, mango curd, and green-tamarind chutneys, topped with pomegranate seeds and potato crisps – a chatpata reverie of every foodie.

For the appetizer Fig and Goat Cheese was a simple and scrumptious finger-food stuffed with creamy yet light cheese. Before I could move ahead to Main-course, a scoop of fresh coconut sorbet, resting on a tall glass, bold and beautiful made it appearance as a palate cleanser. It melted away in granules leaving a refreshing flavour which just kept on lingering on my taste-buds. Wish I could have not been reluctant in asking for another serving.

Risotto – the classical Italian dish cooked with roasted peppers, basil, sundried tomatoes is what dreams are made of. A spoonful of warm, gooey, cheesy risotto and I was whisked away into a world filled with exotic dishes. When chickpea pancakes were served I could do nothing but praise Chef Evan Lewis Gwynne for blending culinary tradition with his penchant for mix and match.

Being strict vegetarian, I didn’t had many options for Desserts and I had to settle with Strawberry Pannacotta. The stunning and gorgeous hues allured me with all its fervour and I sinfully indulged while gazing and admiring their beautiful setup.

I was welcomed by two enigmatic personalities and their Team. All the welcome in the world can’t compare to a good meal, my experience over here was as spectacular as it could be. Great food and warm welcome accounted for a joyous feat. I couldn’t have asked for more for my 100th review.

Average cost for two would be around Rs. 3000++

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