Rajdhani Thali takes you on a culinary journey across Rajasthan and Gujrat offering you the dishes that are curated with age-old recipes. Since time unknown the Palaces of these cities are recognized for whipping out finger licking and delicious food out of their royal kitchens along with impeccable hospitality. With multiple cuisines surfacing in recent years, the Rajdhani group does a commendable job of retaining and continuing the legacy of the ancient food cultures.

I have enjoyed my meals at Rajdhani on multiple occasions. The rating and review of this branch is particularly on the basis of #NavratriThali that I tried it out. Until this year I was not aware of the Vrat friendly food being served in such plenty of options. Other cities are offering fasting special meals and our Hyderabad is not behind as well. The Navratri food requires special recipes and preparation in a more controlled environment. The restricted ingredients makes quite difficult to come up with a lip-smacking Menu to delight the taste-buds of the diners.

Firstly the food should be extremely mild and non spicy and light on the stomach without the usage of Garlic, Onion ready-made premixes and other grains. Taking all these into consideration, the menu of the Vrat Thali consists of common dishes (Sabudana Khichidi, Sabudana Wada, Paneer ki Sabzi, Kuttu ki Puri, Aloo Bhajiya) among new experimental ones (Tomato Dal, White Kadhi, Sweet Potato Halwa) which might have been carefully picked to ensure the patrons at least enjoy the regular Vrat food, just in case the rest fail to impress their palate.

The environment wore a vibrant festive look. After being seated for more than 15 minutes, the server dressed in the Navratri Gear came towards me with numerous Katoris filled with different food rendering a colorful thali, similar to his attire. I am not used to the food which is devoid of all spices and masalas. So if you are someone who can relate to it, also understands how different the flavors can be. Astonishingly each one of them had a tinge of sugar which subdued the original flavors.

I personally liked the Sukha Alu Ki Sabzi made with green chilies which was imparting the much-needed kick of spice. White Kadhi was impressive with its sweet-spice contrasting flavors. Sabudana Wada was crisp and oil-free, one the best I have had so far. Srikhanad, their classical preparation tasted pleasant like always.

But what put me off was that majority of the food were served cold except the Pooris. Not sure if one is supposed to eat it that way during fast but had it been served warm, the taste would have been heightened to a different level.

Sadly the service was at snail’s pace which was again disappointing. This is something which I least expected from them as Rajdhani is known for their warm hospitality. The gestures of the Servers pampering us with a wide smile was completely missing yesterday.

On the pricing front, Rs. 495++ is reasonable for their unlimited servings. But if I have to eat in, I would consider other options in the city.