Oakleaf: Oakwood Residence Kapil Hyderabad

Oakleaf: Oakwood Residence Kapil Hyderabad

Recent surge in my work have limited my review sessions. Before I was leaving for Brisbane, Oakwood had extended an invite for an exclusive preview of their upcoming menu. I was unsure whether to take it up, but their PR and Chef promised me an extraordinary experience. A different menu was curated after considering my dietary preferences and at the end it accounted for a top-notch experience. 

Oakleaf, in-house Restaurant of Oakwood Residence Kapil Towers offers well-known dishes from the global cuisine. They have a Bar counter too and have been informed that their barman stirs up best of the Sangrias, Cocktails and Mocktails. The ambiance is classy, up-scale and evokes a calm-down feel sufficient to relieve the tensed and stressed corporates. Being a Service Apartment, the in-house guests form their majority of clienteles and the menu offers a good range of Intercontinental fares. 

I am penning down this review after a long time but my memories are still fresh as one can’t simply forget a good meal and a conversation. The pickled olives and jalapenos crostini was the right bite to start off the meal. What followed next was another light appetizer “Karari Roomali” seasoned with spicy masala and fresh chopped tomatoes, cucumbers and green chilies.

Switching over to some heavy and more flavorful starters, there was “Hara Bhara Kebab” sent out by Chef in one of the most innovative presentation which involved the very basic ingredients. The goodness of greens in a lip smacking avatar packed a punch of flavors and was non-greasy. “Span-uh-koh-pi-tuh” (Spanakopita) was a delicious revelation of Greek savory triangles. The golden crust phyllo encased a gooey, melt in the mouth filling and was an instant hit.

After the plethora of starters, Rituparna (PR) obliged to my request quite hesitantly for a simple main course and ordered “Paneer Kulcha” with “Paneer Methi Malai”. The stuffing was mildly seasoned and the Kulcha was silken-soft. Undoubtedly the best I have ever had. The curry was an excellent preparation of cottage cheese in a creamy cashew gravy dotted with fenugreek leaves. It was a rich embodiment of creaminess and subtle flavors.

The Choco-Lava, so impressively done and beautifully plated, I couldn’t take my eyes off and admire the novelty of the Chef. Moist brownie alike cake with oh-so-ooey-gooey liquid chocolate in the middle and besieged by exotic fruits. Could the session end on a better note? I doubt!

Pricing is similar to fine dining restaurants. The staff is attentive, wearing smile all the time. So next time you want to elevate your clients/team members taste-buds and add some spice to business lunches/dinner, Oakleaf would not only make it better but will also provide the needed personal space for serious discussions as well.

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