Ohri’s Tansen

With so many Restaurants mushrooming around the cyber hub, somehow I felt Tansen to be underrated by the dining folks. A place built with such intricate details which is almost a decade old lost its charm due to plenty of new options thronging up. Ohri’s as a versatile brand have emerged out from few couple of Restaurants to almost 20+ changing the way Hyderabadi’s eats out.

Now today Chef Atul, by delivering his culinary excellence has rechristened the menu. The revamped list includes not only the tried and tested dishes that were once enjoyed by its patrons but also a series of handpicked dishes from a unique combination of Mughlai and Indian cuisine. 

Set over a series of carved out pillars at the edge of Necklace Road, the mild tones of artistic interiors, antique cutlery, bubbly water fountain and the subtle lightening composition would stimulate all your senses. And in the evenings when the live Ghazal starts growing on you, couplets by couplets, you can’t help but get mesmerised by the enthralling beauty and delicious food. 

Last Friday, over a relaxed lunch, we were introduced to few lip-smacking dishes by the man, Chef Atul himself. Inside the Kitchen, the young and dynamic Sous Chef Harish did an excellent job who didn’t shy away from sharing his thoughts and enjoyed serving us as much as we did savouring it. 

Stucking us to fascination was Paneer Dum Roll in the lead closely followed by Dahi ke Kebab. Rolled with veggies and cheese, pan roasted to a crispy texture, it came to me as an excellent option against other Paneer starters. Seasoned hung curd stuffed inside Bread was literally oil free and we munched Dahi ke Kebab guilt-free. 

Cooked with plenty of ingredients, Soti Boti Paneer tasted bit confused and the usage of peanut was a turn off initially. But the dish has its own charm and I recommend to try it out by yourself and find out what suits your tastebuds. Sunehri Khasta Veg, phyllo rolls stuffed with choicest of crisp veggies captivated my carnivore peer which is a testament of its good taste. 

The accompanied dips, specially the Date and Mayo Chutneys, augmented the taste of the appetisers. Must try all of them!

Cottage Cheese and dry fruits Zartari Kofta spattered in a gravy of onion and peppers, rendered a mild sweet-spice taste. Subz Diwani Handi, a mix vegetable preparation was a burst of flavours. Both the curries were beautifully paired with the basket of special breads. 

NAANS deserves all the attention. Ditch regular Rotis and Garlic Naan and try our their sensational Bakarkhani, Shermal, Taftan, Malai Warqi Paratha. Characterised by their unique flavours like cardamom, saffron, poppy seeds, these buttery, flaky and differently textured Rotis would leave you spellbound. 

The richness, nostalgia, lingering taste are all ubiquitous in their Desserts. Wish I had another stomach to feast upon the terrific Malai Ghewar, a crisp ghewar smeared with generous amount of kesar rich rabdi and finished with nuts. The Mulayam Rasmalai, their in-house preparation was true to its name. Personally I do not like thick Malpua, so I may be biased in my opinion but anything which has Kesar Rabdi cannot go wrong. Elaneer Payasam, a milk based dessert reduced with coconut shavings and cane sugar was quite refreshing and mildly sweet. 

The vegetarian menu we sampled turned out to be a blockbuster and the Session would have not been smooth without the attentive and efficient Server Mr. Naushad who took immense care of us. Paneer Dum Roll and Malai Ghewar should not be missed and with Tansen being part of Zomato Gold, what are you waiting for? Dropping by for Dinner is suggested if you enjoy live Ghazals.

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