Pot Pourri

Pot Pourri

POTPOURII, the new entrant in Gachibowli serves a comprehensive menu which is amalgamation of Andhra, South Indian and North Indian cuisines. So basically there is something cooked for each one of us in their Kitchen.

When you enter and walk through their passage, earthen pots embellished on rough-surfaced wall on the left and eclectic mirrors decked up on exposed brick wall on the right gives you the very country side feel. When you walk past the old-style ambience, the place transforms itself into a delightful contemporary setup with super-comfortable vibrant sofas resting upon colorful decorative tiles.

The menu is a selection of Andhra, Rayalaseema, Telangana, and North Indian delicacies with good number of Vegetarian options. Following the ritual, we started off with Kothimera Miryala Kashayam and Lemon Coriander Soup. The former was a spicy pepper broth which you would want to relish when you are suffering from cold. The latter gave a strong lemon kick which my peers felt otherwise. 

Paneer Stick, deep fried with corn flour crisps was a pretty simple dish but highly addictive among us. Veg Bullet, a mashed veggies preparation with tinge of garlic was another starter that was equally enjoyed. Marinated in coriander masala, char-grilled to perfection, the Paneer Tikka was luscious with a tempting texture. 

After a series of near-perfect starters, what went wrong was Moti Sheek Kebab. Though it appeared to be perfectly tandoor roasted, it was undone from inside and each one of us refused to eat it. Tandoori Baby Corn was fiery and crunchy but somehow few people didn’t like. It turned cold while we were engrossed in clicking photos, and I am not sure if that was the reason or the marination lacked flavors. 

Coming to main course, I was curious to try the regional delights but to my utter disappointment, we were served with Kadai Veg and Paneer Labaabdar. Surprisingly both the curries were near authentic against to our prediction that it might be doused with south Indian spices and flavors. To complement the thick and coarse gravy, Garlic Naan among Kulcha and Roti had stood out.

For me Pulao’s are always aromatic and mild in flavors. Veg Pulao and Paneer Pulao were exactly the way I’d like. The fragrance exuding from vegetable Pulao tantalized my taste-buds. The tender paneer chunks greased in gravy and layered between rice was a well put dish. 

For Desserts, Kaddu ki Kheer and Gulab Jamoon were served which I didn’t try at all as I was saving my appetite for Indulge Ice Creams which is situated in the same Building, ground floor. 

Being a Tasting Session, it doesn’t make much sense to speak about Service which I am leaving it to reader’s discretion. Overall, I felt that with such a huge menu, the folks at Potpourii are trying hard to make a mark for themselves. Rather providing plethora of options to diners, I suggest to restrict to few of their signature eats and focus more on the kitchen operational front which would help the team to dish out flavorful dishes every time. 

PS: I wish to try out South-Indian dishes and Buffet (yes, there’s value-for-money buffet too) after which my rating might change as well.

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