Tabula Rasa Cafe & Bar

Tabula Rasa Cafe & Bar

 Tabula Rasa – what might appear as a premium property aiming at spendthrift segment of Clienteles is actually a place for majority of us. Though its uber location and chic menu exudes sophistication, surprisingly it doesn’t cause a severe dent to the pocket.

Nestled in Road No. 35, Jubilee Hills, in a calm neighborhood, the ambience boasts of natural beauty with predominant usage of distressed wood. The open area is exquisitely designed to let the natural sunlight in. A dedicated stage is all set to thump your heart with music artist playing a mix of electrifying and soothing numbers in the evenings. 

Beautiful environs; though here for Brunch, I could clearly imagine how mesmerizing this place could be by night as well. Under the roof, there is a Bar Counter manned by highly-skilled Mixologist with tables laid to its sides and behind.

From the Small Plates, the freshness of Cottage Cheese Triangles invited our taste-buds to relish the grilled Paneer stuffed with sun-dried tomato home-made sauce. Baked Zucchini couldn’t get healthier than this with a stuffing of herbed veggies and cheese. Against the conventional Malai Broccoli, this fiery version was spicy to the core and under-cooked a wee bit.

After a spectacular start, a series of Main Courses awaited as we begun to talk with the Owner who was sharing his ideologies behind the place and the particular dishes. While doing that, we soaked ourselves in the mocktails and that were rejuvenating to say the least. Virgin Mojito, Mountain Cooler, Virgin Pina Colada had those exciting flavors, striking a perfect balance between sweet and sour. The Thick Shake had literally put me to a different world and only if Shravan (Owner) and my friends didn’t confuse me with eggless Brownies, I would have indulged guilt-free. Shravan, if you reading this, you owe me one.

Broccoli Sandwich tightly packed with wholesomeness and cheddar didn’t strike glorious to me. Being an ardent lover of greens didn’t help much. Bean & Zucchini Burger gave a whole new dimension to my experience. The patty was delicious, smeared with some sort of Mexican sauce which I rather felt to be Indian flavors. Even the carnivores swiped it clean.

The best is always saved for the last. Cottage Cheese Steak was a straight winner. Stuffed Paneer on a bed of roasted pepper coulis had me at my knees. The flavors were bang on, creamy yet redolent of spices. Have it all by yourself and your hunger pangs are sorted.

Remarkably, the menu has got an envious array of Desserts and unfortunately none of them are eggless. We were not sure if the base of the Apple Pie (which is out-sourced) was veg but the filling was. I got to taste that separately, and oh boy, it was toothsome and warm with the invigorating cinnamon aroma.

I am a teetotaler, but I could see my peers raving about the boozy drinks. I was also said that their infused Cocktails were out of the world, especially the Sangria – curated with fruity flavor to revitalize your senses in and out.

Be it a candle light dinner, birthday celebrations, meeting friends over drinks, or melodious entertainment over delicious food, it’s a must go place for any occasion.

PS: I might add another 0.5 to my Review post visiting this place during evenings’.

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