Ten J

Ten J

Ten J Dining is a no-nonsense, all-you-can-eat buffet along with 2 pints of beer, in a simple atmosphere setup in the posh by-lanes of Jubilee Hills. Situate on Road No. 10 (Ten), Jubilee Hills (J), the name of the Restaurant is adapted as per its location. Spread across two floors, the ambience is neat, clean, and clutter-free and one can enjoy the lavish buffet spread sitting on their extra-large Sofa chairs.

While digging into the accompaniments I realized how good the quality of food was. There were sponge-like-soft Dhoklas, nicely tempered Pittod (Gram flour Gujrati delicacy), a well-blended hummus (though it was bit dry) and creamy Dahi Wadas to start your meal with.

The starters had a mushroom preparation which I skipped as I don’t consume. Paneer Tikka, a bit under-grilled but bang on flavors with melt-in-the-mouth texture. The reasonably spiced momos surprised us with its taste as we never expected such good ones in a Buffet place. Malai Broccoli (not part of Buffet) was again under-grilled and the florets were marinated unevenly leaving the base bland and devoid of flavors.

A chat lover’s appetite is also satisfied to some extent. We tasted each piece of Pani Puri, Dahi Puri, Dahi Papdi, etc. all of them rendering street side taste but with a greater level of hygiene. Just in case you end up reaching this place without even having Breakfast, fret not as the Dosas and Uttapam – part of their live counter, takes good care of you. 

Moving ahead we were served Sambar Wada, their signature dish which was nicely soaking in the essence and retaining the crunch at the same time. One of us asked for Penne in Alfredo and it was heavily doused with cream and cheese which was enjoyed by everyone but I felt a slight bitterness in sauce.

A well prepared Sambar-Rice can any day replace Burgers and Pizzas. Piping hot mixed sambar rice laced with Ghee, dotted with crunchy curry leaves and fried cashews served with a side of Papad makes for a comfort food and one-pot meal. And the Chef got it right as every morsel carried the expected flavors. Personally I love intense flavors and this one was quite mild. Biryani had a slight touch of Telugu cuisine but it did tasted good. But the non-veg Biryani as per my peers stood out of the rest and was brilliant in terms of taste, texture and presentation.

The desserts counter showcased an elaborate array of Orange Pastry, Pineapple Cake, Gulab Jamoon, Jalebi with Rabdi and Qubani ka Meetha. The cakes weren’t eggless so I skipped but enjoyed the crispy Jalebi by submerging it in Rabri. Qubani ka Meetha was delightful and not too sugary.

The welcome juice was relatively ordinary but decent enough for the price tag. The Lemon Iced Tea from a la carte menu was a freshly brewed, a stunning and refreshing drink and not the packaged powder one.

Arguably, it’s the most economical Buffet for carnivores and beer-guzzlers. For a vegetarian and teetotaler, it may not be a first choice, but if going in a group which has more no. of non-veg takers and social drinkers, I won’t mind paying a visit since my counterparts can even pay Rs. 200 extra and drench themselves with bottomless Beer.

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